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Present status of some selected hatcheries at Chanchra under Jashore district, Bangladesh: An overview
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Bridge Center
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The present study was conducted on 10 hatchery owners at Chanchra under Jashore district. The study period was May to August 2015. Data were collected through questionnaire interviews by using personal interviews and participatory rural appraisal (PRA) tools. In the study area, maximum spawn production of hatcheries was 2500 kg and minimum 800 kg. About 50% brood fishes were collected from own pond, 30% were collected from other’s hatcheries and rest of 20% were collected from natural sources. The hatchery owners maintained proper age and weight of broods for spawning and followed the guideline of hatchery operation so that the quality of spawn and fry those produced by them were good in quality. It was found that the hatcheries produced fish seed of a variety of species like Indian major carps, carpio, sarpunti, silver carp, grass carp, magur, shing etc. The hatchery production activities took place starting February and continued up to September. The quantity of fish seed produce varied from 25 to 75 kg per hatchling cycle depending on size and facilities of hatcheries. The price of fry in Jashore was being fixed by the hatchery owners. However, the price variation was seen due to seasonal variation, species and demand. The average price of fish seed was maximum in monsoon and minimum in winter. In general skilled technicians were involved in hatchery operation. Some hatchery owners were well experienced and operated their own hatcheries. The hatcheries in Jashore district were viable. The hatchery owners had improved their social status though hatchery income.
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hatcheries, Chanchra, Jashore district, Bangladesh

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